Top 5 Deer Hunting Essentials

Top 5 Deer Hunting Essentials


Deer hunting is an annual tradition around here. We've got our favorite spots scouted, our hunting buddies lined up, and our favorite gear prepped and ready to go. Here is our top 5 list of gear - our so called deer hunting essentials, which we think no hunter should be without (and we are making the assumption you have your favorite weapon already to go!).

5 Deer Hunting Essentials for Your Next Hunt


A good hunting backpack will make your day more enjoyable, by providing you with a comfortable way to carry all of your gear and other essentials. Look for strong, durable packs that have plenty of storage space.

Bino Harness. 

Binoculars are a must for a successful deer hunt. Make sure yours are within easy reach whether you are stalking or waiting with a binocular harness. A bino harness will keep your binoculars safe and secure, but easily accessible when you need them. No need to reach into the pack when they are strapped to your chest.

Carry Sling. 

A carry sling that attaches to your pack makes it easier to transport your bow or rifle to your stand or climbing a mountain. Slip your weapon into the sling for hands-free transport and safe carrying.

Safety Vest and Harness. 

A safe hunt is a good hunt. A safety vest with harness is a must-have if you're hunting in a tree-based deer stand. New designs are lightweight and comfortable with plenty of pockets for storing small items like USB chargers and batteries.

Scent Control. 

Deer will smell you long before they see you. Whether you use a cover scent or one that is designed to attract deer to you, be sure to spray it on your clothes AND your gear for maximum protection. And maybe throw on some scent control camo as well!

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