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About kanjera

On the Homa Peninsula of western Kenya an ancient site has been identified by scientists as the first location where human ancestors lived on fauna rich grasslands; successfully adapting to harvesting nutrient rich food sources that could be shared by many, uniquely facilitating brain and body growth giving rise to the genus Homo.

This is Kanjera.

Kanjera is the first place known to modern humans where our ancestors hunted with tools and cooked their food – approximately 2 million years ago.

Kanjera is our story.

All Kanjera packs are designed with historical hunting traditions in mind, yet, created using the most advanced fabrics & techniques to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s modern hunter.

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Tough

Welcome to Kanjera

Best All-Day Pack Ever

"Without reservation, I highly recommend Kanjera's Caprock 35 for any hunt that requires a day pack with the ability to carry your rifle - it far surpassed my expectations in both Kamchatka, Russia on a Snow Sheep hunt and in Texas for Audad. Plus, you’ll have the best-looking pack in the airport!"

Ryan Efurd, Founder - Canis Athlete, USA

Meet the Founders

What do you get when you mix a world-class hunter and explorer with a business school professor?

Greg Brownlee is an international hunting authority with more than 15 years of experience across 24 international hunting trips – spanning Africa, Asia, North and South America, and the South Pacific. Throw in more than 3 dozen trips across Alaska and the lower 48, and Greg is a world-renowned, go-to hunting authority. His experience, unparalleled attention to detail, and highly demanding expectations of his gear led to the development, testing, refinement, and final approval of all Kanjera gear. Greg is also the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer for Neal and Brownlee, an internationally known and bedrock solid hunting consultancy.

Craig Wallace is not an international hunting authority, but still loves spending as much time as possible in the field. Craig is a business school professor, author, speaker, and avid outdoorsman. He had Greg as a student in 2007. Soon thereafter, Greg introduced Craig to hunting, the professor became the student and the student became the professor. Craig has been hooked ever since. He is extremely demanding on his gear and never found what he was after until he helped Greg launch Kanjera.

Kanjera is for serious hunters and explorers that demand modern gear, with a traditional look and feel, that is tough as nails.