If you bought a Kanjera pack from us or a licensed distributor, we got you covered…for life. Our products are covered for normal wear-and-tear, defects in manufacturing, and materials. We will do everything we can to repair your pack. If we can’t repair it, we will send you one from our tester/sales samples. Now, if you use it for target practice or a bear shreds it looking for lunch, that’s on you. We are going to cover just about anything that is reasonable. All we ask is (1) don’t take advantage of the warranty and (2) clean your pack BY hand in lukewarm water and AIR-DRY if it is dirty.

We honor our lifetime warranty for anybody that has purchased a bag from us or a licensed retailer. If you bought it second hand, we cannot guarantee the condition of the bag. If you bought a Kanjera pack second hand and need some work done, we would be happy to talk so to figure out what we could do to help. But please note, the lifetime warranty is applicable to the person who bought the bag from Kanjera or a licensed retailer (we will need the receipt if from a retailer).