1. Shipping: We ship via UPS, USPS, and/or FedEx. You can select free standard shipping (ground), or an expedited method (e.g., 2-3 day). Shipping is calculated at checkout.
  2. Warranty: See warranty page here
  3. Returns: We hope you never have to return a Kanjera product, but in the slim chance you do, please email us to obtain our return address and authorization (support@kanjera.com)
  4. Cleaning: Only clean by hand in lukewarm water. Air dry. Never put pack in a machine to wash or dry.
  5. ‘Almost Rain Proof’: Kanjera packs are coated with wax. This helps repel rain/snow, but it is not 100% rain proof. Sitting in the stand with light rain and snow, no problem. A down-pour, you might want to pull out the included rainfly. If you ever need to re-wax your bag, there are some awesome products available to help you. If you have a question about re-waxing or our ‘almost rain proofing’, drop us a line. By the way, if you fall in the river with the pack on – your stuff is going to get wet.
  6. Rainfly: Included with purchase of your Kanjera pack (stowed in the bottom zippered compartment)
  7. Feedback: Would love to hear from you. Like something we do? Want us to make some improvements? We welcome all feedback.