3 Essentials to Look for in a Hunting Backpack

3 Essentials to Look for in a Hunting Backpack


The hunting backpack is often overlooked in favor of flashier gear, but once you're out on a hunt, the right hunting backpack can make an enormous difference on not only your comfort level after a day of trudging through brush and rough ground, but also your overall success. Not to mention the fact that the right backpack will be able to hold all of your essentials, leaving your hands free for holding your bow, rifle, or binoculars.

Just as every hunter has his or her own opinion on where to set up a blind or stand or what specific gear is needed on the hunt, everyone has their own opinion on what makes a great hunting backpack. We're here to share our own opinion and insights into the 3 essentials every hunting pack should have.

3 Features That Make a Difference in a Hunting Backpack


Every sound is magnified a hundred-fold when you're out on a hunt. The last thing you want to do is alert your prey to your location which is why we are convinced silent fasteners (zippers, magnets, etc) are a must-have feature of any hunting backpack.

Room for gear. 

Does your list of hunting essentials grow longer or shorter with each passing year? Some people are absolute minimalists, heading out with only the bare essentials. Others want to be prepared for anything. Either way, you want a pack that will fit all your gear comfortably with plenty of rummaging room, but also keen on organization and storage pockets.

Comfortable, but tough hauling. 

A backpack that is lightweight, weather-resistant, and sits comfortably across one’s body will go a long way towards making your hunting experience more enjoyable. A sore back, chafed shoulders, or sopping wet pack are surefire ways to make you question why you headed out for such a long day in the first place. Plus, you don’t want to load up your ultra-lightweight technical pack and have the bottom fall out when you need to carry a heavy load.

Gear Up with the Caprock 35 Backpack

Our Caprock 35 backpack was designed with a hunter's every need in mind. This pack features a silent touch magnetic closure system that eliminates the chances of buckle clicks sending your prey heading for the hills. It weighs in at just under 5 lbs. and is loaded with extra storage pockets inside and outside the backpack. We've added load lifters to the harness to make the backpack more comfortable to carry and stronger for heavy loads.

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