Dream Hunt Give-Away

Dream Hunt Give-Away

Posted by Kanjera on 05/18/20

We exist because of our customers, and we want to send someone on their dream hunt this year! We are sending one lucky winner to the Arctic Circle in August of 2020 (or 2021 given Covid-19 issues) to hunt barren-ground caribou in the Nunavut territory of northern Canada.

We’ve partnered with Canis Athlete and Neal & Brownlee for one of you to hunt with the Adventure Northwest Team. This tundra covered land in the far north is absolutely magical. Our team has hunted this area before and you will most likely encounter arctic wolves, wolverines, grizzly bears and muskox.

Once you fill your tags, you will spend the remainder of the trip catching Arctic char, lake trout, and Arctic grayling in the pristine Nunavut lakes and streams. This hunt is normally sold out two years in advance and will truly be the trip of a lifetime!

Here are the official terms:

Spend $299.99 USD at checkout at www.canisathlete.com or www.kanjera.com (you can add on a coupon for Kanjera so long as the pre-coupon total is 299.99 before the discount) and your name will be entered to win. We will draw the lucky winner at the end of April. The lucky hunter will be responsible for air charter, licenses and tags. The hunt must take place in August of 2020 unless the outfitter is able to move your dates around. The value of this trip is $15,000 USD.